Fuck your "Positive Vibes Only"

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Your demons are never really gone, you know that right?

We are chasing this idea of living free from the things that hurt us: the pain, suffering, trauma, addiction, etc. The fact of the matter is that we've been told if we “buy this” or “give money to that” then all will be absolved and better.


Being human means finding happiness, despite all the skeletons in your closet. SO, can you objectively look at those things that disturb you and sit in absolute comfort knowing they are real, they cause valid feelings, all while not letting them disturb you anymore?

We all have our share of darkness to deal with, each being different than the next. There are things we’ve never spoken of or don’t even know the words to describe, but they’re still a part of us. So why are we trying to devalue ourselves for having that? You see it in stores, in yoga studios, on any social media site: Good Vibes Only!


Creating this idea that we are only our greatest selves when we exist in complete happiness is so toxic (and just not realistic). What about the person that is suffering? Did something deem them unworthy of being happy? NO. We’re simply cultivating an unhealthy fantasy of bliss and peace, mostly so society can say there's something they can buy that will fix them.

Who said being at peace or being happy was easy? Being at peace might just mean facing your issues and fighting against their negativity day after day. For me, it means taking my medication, actively choosing to not drink, choosing to go to therapy weekly. It’s a constant battle and each battle is different for everyone.

All I know is that causing shame to be felt simply for having the battle in the first place is a huge cause for why people lose theirs.

There needs to be a larger conversation that branches outside of just mental illnesses. Mental health, in general, is affected by the stigma and dogmatic beliefs in our society like false positivity. The less pressure we put on being happy, the more space we give individuals to talk about their issues and what reality is to them. The more focus we put on human nature and the inevitability of having terrible things to deal with may just help us all be more mindful of one another.

We’re all a little fucked up.

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