New Year, Same Beautiful F*ck!ng YOU.

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A new year can be daunting, specially after the past year we've endured. There's a lot of hope around 2021 being the breaker of chains, and over the past few weeks the traditional new year messages started to flood our view: "New Year, New Me", talks of diet plans, "Detox" and "Resets" and a bunch of other money-pandering bullshit that could care less about how you sustain 2021 and more about how much you'll pay for the promise of change. Before you fall head first into the self-shaming rabbit hole they've built for you, remember:

You're surviving a pandemic, cut yourself some grace for 2021.

It's easy to fall into old habits that center around what needs fixing instead of where you could lean in to heal, specially when every advertisement seems to support it. Something they won't tell you though is:

Nothing you buy will fix you, only you can begin to heal and make progress if you want it.

The good news is not everything changes in a day. With the turning of the clock, our lives don't magically transform (and thankfully so). You have more than just a day, a week or even a month to allow yourself to shift into the person you want to be. You don't have to try to sign up for every new year's program or class, you get to decide to act with purpose each day. Instead of grasping for control to change everything in a day, what if you used this first day to reflect. Reflect and really make good on the version of yourself you want to see come out of 2021. In one day you begin to form a vision of who you are and what you want, then spend the rest of the year in creation towards that.

If you sit down and find yourself struggling to begin, here are some journal prompts to get you moving towards manifesting the life you desire for 2021:


- What makes me feel authentic and truly aligned with my best self?

- How can I include more of those things in my life?

- What makes me feel like a sham or inauthentic?

- How can I move away from those things?


Start small, and each day take a step. 2021 is a whole year, not just today. It may be the New Year and the same beautiful f*ck!ng you, but you get to decide how you grow from here each day forward. Start you adventure here on your mat or in a one-one-one session, whatever it is you need to do - lean in and do it on purpose.

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