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What Is Intuitive Living? And Why Should You Care?

In a world that often uses shame and guilt as powerful motivators -- from what we eat to the way we move -- it makes sense that we also allow our external reality to dictate our internal one. If the things around you feel chaotic, you may begin to feel anxious, nervous and overwhelmed (which are totally valid feelings). Instead of looking at it like one more program to “fix you”, Intuitive Living declares you actually have known best all along and works to get you back into your power so that you're in control of your life. To shift into Intuitive Living, the entire system we live in has to be challenged from what we’ve been conditioned to accept to what actually works for you. Intuitive living asks you to turn inward to perceive your reality.

A great mantra for this is “ I am my greatest teacher”.

For the sake of clarity, we’ll break down Intuitive Living into two specific categories:

Getting started? Tune in to the Intuitive Self

If you can be anything, be curious enough to question yourself.

Intuitive Living invites you to be curious as to why you are doing something rather than just calling out certain behaviors or actions as bad. In (most, not all) situations, it’s not the action or behavior that’s wrong, it’s the reason behind why we’re doing it that puts us in a dynamic that usually disempowers us. For example, it’s not wrong to work a job you don’t like. But understanding the job in question is leaving you feeling drained and out of energy to do anything to take care of yourself allows you to collect information on your life that may not be working for you. Intuitive Living acknowledges that life isn’t defined in black or white, but instead sees it in variations of gray. This shift in perspective grants us some space to be objective without shame or guilt and, ultimately, allows us the chance to look at our lives like scientists.

Questioning and curiosity invites the Intuitive Self to be called on, building trust within yourself and building a connection to what you really need rather than what you’ve been told you need.

This takes continuous reflection and even then we never fully “arrive”. If we could all be connected to our most Intuitive Self at all times, we wouldn’t be human. We all stray sometimes for the sake of surviving, comfort, or even just out of the conditioning of society. Grant yourself some grace from the start by understanding this is a perspective we put into practice and not an arrival of perfection.

Here are some questions to ask to connect to your Intuitive Self:

  • What do I feel when I have to (insert action or event here)?

  • Why does/doesn’t this work for me?

  • What would feel more authentic to me?

Now what? Support through Intuitive Actions!

Intuitive Living invites us to connect before we act. By questioning and becoming curious, we make space to connect to our Intuitive Self and from that we create a more authentic space to move from.

Why? (Good question 😉)

What happens when we act out of alignment with our Intuitive Self is (usually) we start to feel out of control and ultimately out of our power. This can create a build-up of resentment, apathy, restlessness, or anxiety. Then to get some of that energy out, we start to act more in an attempt to fix, which only leads to more build-up. And so the cycle goes. It can be frustrating. Intuitive Living then becomes a tool to stay in your power and connected to your most authentic self.

As you begin to connect more to your Intuitive Self, you start to move through the world more connected and on purpose with your power. Intuitive Living puts you at the center of your reality, that you alone know what works best for you and what you need to do to serve yourself. That same concept then begins to show up in the way you are in action: eating, movement, planning.

Intuitive Actions have their own tools within each category to help support you in your journey that we will spend in depth time on in upcoming workshops and courses.

Interested in learning more tools to support your journey in Intuitive Living?

Be sure to check out the upcoming events designed to support you and provide tools to move more authentically in your life. Interested in learning in a more private setting than workshops? You can now book a Healing & Empowerment Session to meet you where you are and help provide you with tools and information to support you.

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